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Uncontested Divorce

A divorce is “uncontested” when the parties involved are able to agree on the main issue in the divorce. When two parties are willing to work towards settling the issues with the help of their attorneys, an uncontested divorce can keep the parties from having to appear in court and pay the costs that go along with a hearing. When parties settle their divorce, there is little chance of an appeal by either party because the parties have agreed to all the terms in the divorce.

You do not have to agree with your spouse about all of the issues of your divorce for an uncontested divorce to be right for you. Your divorce attorney will assist with negotiation required to work towards a settlement. If both parties are willing to consider compromises, uncontested divorce is usually possible. In an uncontested divorce, the parties, with help from their attorneys, are able to compromise on key questions such as the following:

  • Who will remain in the house?
  • Who will pay the marital debts?
  • How will furnishings and other personal property be divided?
  • How will checking accounts and retirement accounts be divided?
  • How much alimony is fair?

When children are involved, issues include the following:

  • What type of child custody arrangement will the parents have?
  • What type of child support will paid?
  • What type of visitation will occur?
  • Who will have the child or children on holidays or other important days?
  • How will the parties co-parent when making decisions about the children’s education, religion, medical care and extra-curricular activities?

When you hire Lynn Law Firm to handle your uncontested divorce, we will meet with you to listen to your goals for the divorce. We will discuss the divorce process thoroughly and ensure that you understand your rights and options in the divorce. We draft and file all of the paperwork that both spouses will need to sign. In most cases, neither spouse has to go to court and everything is handled in our office.

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