Child Support


Child Support

In Georgia, child support is defined as a payment made by a non-­custodial parent to the custodial parent, caregiver, or guardian for the care and support of their children. Child support can be ordered by the court as part of a divorce, separation, or between two unmarried people who have a child in a paternity or legitimation action. It is a set amount of money to be paid until the child is emancipated, dies, reaches his or her 18th birthday or through age 20, if the child is enrolled in high school.

Child support often includes paying for the child’s health insurance, medical expenses that are not covered by insurance and daycare expenses. The goal of child support in a divorce or separation is to keep the child in as close to the same circumstances as if the parents had not separated. It is possible for a court to order child support payments that include extra­ curricular activities or private school, depending on the family’s circumstances.

Below are a few more instances where Lynn Law Firm can assist:

Child Support Modification

In the state of Georgia, child support orders may be modified when there has been a substantial change in either parent’s income or financial status or in the needs of the children. A substantial change could include one parent losing a job, decrease or increase in income, a change in the child’s medical needs, the educational needs of the children, or decrease in the needs of the children. The substantial change must occur between the date of the divorce decree or previous child support action and the filing of the petition for modification of child support.

The general rule is that you can bring a child support modification action every two years. Because most people’s incomes are likely to change in a two year period, it may be a good idea to consider planning to petition for a child support modification at regular two year intervals to ensure that your child is receiving the appropriate amount of child support at all times.


If you are not receiving the child support you are entitled to or you are receiving it sporadically, Lynn Law Firm can help you enforce your right to receive child support. When you have child support issues, you have various legal options to enforce payments, such as Garnishing Wages or a Contempt Proceeding.

Defending a Contempt of Child Support Case

If someone has brought a contempt proceeding against you, you risk serious consequences – including incarceration. If you are incarcerated for civil contempt of child support, this could have a serious impact on your future and your family. If you cannot pay the child support obligation you owe, you need a child support modification and a defense attorney. Schedule a consultation with the family law attorneys at Lynn Law Firm for help understanding your rights under the law and to determine the best option for your unique situation.

Using an experienced child support lawyer is essential to a positive outcome for your child support case. If you are a parent, understanding all of your rights and obligations regarding a child support matter can be difficult. Not only should your rights be protected, but the rights of your children should be protected as well. Lynn Law Firm will help you navigate the Georgia child support laws and will help you win a fair resolution to your child support case.

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