July 30, 2022

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Alimony Attorney

  When spouses decide to divorce, discussions about alimony are often high priority. Alimony refers to the payment made from one party to the other for support after the divorce. Under Georgia law, spouses have the mutual duty to support each other during a marriage. After a marriage ends, a husband or wife may have…

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Child Support

  In Georgia, child support is defined as a payment made by a non-­custodial parent to the custodial parent, caregiver, or guardian for the care and support of their children. Child support can be ordered by the court as part of a divorce, separation, or between two unmarried people who have a child in a…

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Divorce Lawyer at Lynn Law Firm

Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage, before the death of either spouse. Divorce can be mutual and can be a simple process or it can be very complex for reasons such as irreconcilable differences, money situations and infidelity. Whether you have been married briefly or for many years, an extremely important step in…

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Child Custody

  Determining child custody and visitation, also known as parenting time, is one of the most difficult situations divorcing parents face. Most parents naturally want what is best for their children and want to be involved in making decisions about the children’s lives.The Lawrenceville attorneys at Lynn Law Firm provide legal guidance for individuals seeking…

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